Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast

What do I think would be better – live event or virtual conference? Frankly speaking, the presence of the modern state-of-the-art information technology has changed the functioning pattern of people around the whole world, changing the way we move, walk, talk and live our lives. We are living in a world of no boundaries, a global world so to speak. We are entering a realm of new sense of religion, culture and ethnicity. But when it comes to a corporate meeting, does this hi tech IT facilities are of any advantage. Does this virtual symposiums stand up to the expectations? Or is it always the old traditional form of live meeting that wins hands down?

 Firstly, the live events are much more persuasive than the virtual conferences are. But is it true? It is always better to have a person speak directly to us in front than to hear his voice over the telephone or waiting for his next reply in the instant messenger. But this problem can be solved with the use of web cams, where the speaker’s facial expressions and movements can be captured, even on the little screen of your iPhone. The process can be a bit intricate but it is possible. And when it is a meeting between two groups of people, it gets all the easier. So, when it comes to seeing someone talking to us live and the matter of persuasion, the virtual setup is not much behind.

That leads to our second problem with the live events. For a big multinational company, gathering all the people at a same place at a same time can be bit difficult. Getting the CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents and other Senior Executives, out of their busy schedules and from the various places worldwide, to one place is somehow not possible all the time. So, it is always better to go for the virtual seminars to update knowledge and information base of the thousands of employees around the world. This does not ruin the present work schedule and smoothly accomplishes the business purpose. After all, the modern information technology was developed for this reason, to share information at lightning speed in the all the corners of the world.

Thirdly, we must always think about the cost factor as well. Needless to say, holding a live event is much costlier than arranging for a virtual conference. First of all, getting all the executives to one place will be a cost borne by the company. Then the actual live event will not be that cheap and easy to arrange. On the other end, the news of the upcoming virtual seminar can be sent via email or text message. The actual virtual event may take some additional IT setup but that is not going to cost that much. Sometimes, if it is a small business meeting between few senior managers, it can be done from the comfort of their homes even. The technology makes the event much easier as well as cheaper.

In the light of the above points, it can be safely determined that virtual event is going to be much more advantageous than the live event, both for the company and the people working in it. Keeping the communication, accessibility and cost factor in mind, I would say that virtual event is better than live event.