Visit a religious service that is different from your religious affiliation. If you have no particular affiliation, you can visit any service. If you are Christian, you may not visit a catholic church.

You may not visit a service via internet or television/radio.

 You must be physically present. Write a 2 page reflection paper on the visit. Include the name of the place, where it is located and when you made the visit.

 Focus on the order of the service, paying close attention to the message or to what was the main part of the service.

Guide your discussion based on what you have learned from this course about that particular religion. In your conclusion, state your opinion.

For example: Did it have an impact on your thinking? What did you get out of it? Did you learn anything new?, etc I am Hindu , so you can write about Christianity.

On November 7, 2010 I attended the Sunday mass at (put a church in your country). There were three masses or services for the day, the first beginning at 0700hrs to 0830hrs, while the Second mass begins at 0900hrs to 1030hrs and finally the last which is the third begins at 1100hrs to 1230hrs. I preferred  this last mass because it was convenient to me basing on the fact that l work from 0800hrs t0 1730hrs Monday through to Friday.

Usually the order of mass is the same in all the three masses with the only difference being that they are presided over by different priests. During my last visit, mass began with young girls animating by dancing in a well coordinated queue. The girls were closely followed by one alter boy carrying a big wooden cross bearing the crucifix of Jesus Christ. Behind the first alter boy were two alter boys carrying candles, followed by other two alter boy striding slowly while being closely followed by the priest flanked by the deacon.

After reaching the pulpit the priest made the sign of the cross imitated by the entire congregation before leading them in reciting a prayer on confession. Moments later another group of small girls come in dancing but at this time behind them was a man hoisting the Bible high for every one to see. The man later handed over the Bible to the priest at the alter then later on the first reading is read and later the second reading, before the priest rises up flanked by two alter boys carrying candles. The entire congregation stayed on their feet through out the reading of the gospel and only took their seats after the priest finished reading. This entire proceeding went on smoothly. The congregation just flowed uniformly talking  about catholic dogmas.

After reading the gospel the priest went ahead to deliver his sermon which was about the devils work in our lifes.The priest talked about the way the Devil has greatly influenced our lives that we hardly find time to pray in our families. He talked about how we wake up so early in the morning to go to work and come back home so late in the evening totally worn out even unable to say a simple prayer. The priest went ahead to talk about how we find a lot of time to indulge in practices that are geared towards fulfilling our humanly desires. On these he gave an example of the way people drink through out the weekend and only find time for God on Sundays by attending a one and half hours service. He added that some people even lack the time to seat through out the entire mass and always walked out after the Gospel was read. The priest concluded by saying that the Devil has filled us with so many responsibilities to the extend of not finding time to talk to our Creator through prayer.

  After the sermon offerings were made by the congregation .The priest later gave the Holy Communion to only those that had successfully gone through and completed the catholic teachings. After the communion one person among the congregation took to the pulpit to read out some announcements before the priest gestures to the congregation to rise up for the final blessing. The priest concludes by saying “go in peace our mass has ended”. The congregation waits for the priest to go out first before they did.

In a nutshell the sermon last Sunday did have a great impact on me as it clearly came to my attention that what the priest had said was true. When reflecting  back on my day to day life it is clear that prayer has not been a central part of it, and thus through the priests sermon l learnt to put prayer in every thing l do and in every day of my life.