Breakfast at Tiffanys and Story of My Life

Breakfast at Tiffanys and Story of My Life

Modern cinema is presented by a great number of different works that always attract the attention of the viewers by their plot and talented play of the main characters. One of the most essential peculiarities of the movies is that practically all of them are created to describe some important problems of our modern life. Movies that were shot on the basis of the books are extremely interesting and evoke the most lively and bright discussions among the viewers and readers who are constantly trying to compare the book with its screen version. Very often it happens so that the original and initial idea of the novel is lost when the book or story is transferred from the book to film. Speaking about Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote’s, one can say that this is a brilliant example of such a situation. Although the film and the book are both enormously attractive and delightful, they are so correspondingly, both in their own right. The point of view of the characters is probably one of the most distinguished differences between the movie and book Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  This novel was initially written by Capote from the first person viewpoint, while in the movie, the viewers see the objective of the third person. Actually, the book and the movie itself disclose a lot of different problems connected with personal relationships, lie and truth and people’s attitude to life and life problems.

The psychological fight between the desire and necessity of stability and the strive for freedom are probably the central idea of Breakfast at Tiffany's. The main conflict describes the relationships between the storyteller and Holly (Truman 7). Hey opposing forces in fact. While the narrator himself is happy to possess his first home, Holly is constantly inspired by her desire to frequently run away from places, people and things around her. She is a kind of the person who is constantly avoiding stability and is afraid of something usual and stable. During the movie, the viewers understand that  Holly's individuality is in a stable condition of flux. During all her life Holly is trying to avoid stability by making a feast out of her life, and abandoning relations and farm duties when they threaten to put at risk her freedom and free way of life. She is the brightest example of the person whose life is a constant holiday. Due to such personality, Holy is living carefree and duty less life. For Holly, the difference between permanence and freedom is expressed by two of the main symbols of the novel that are animals and Tiffany's. Holly hates the custody of animals, and constantly refuses to name her cat. The main fantasy of fantasy Holy is that one day she could have the breakfast at Tiffany's. This idea is a real absurd and nonsense as Tiffany's does not serve food. This fantasy demonstrates her option to keep away from stability by having and dreaming about the unachievable ideals of fantasy. The author used this character to demonstrate how carefree the person can be and show the readers the result of such way of life.

Capote tries to oppose two main characters in the novel. They are the embodiment of two opposite sides demonstrating the ideas of stability against freedom. The author tries to show that each has something to study from the other. The readers can see the mutual dependence of two characters upon each other.  While Holly and the storyteller stand for dissimilar psychological impulses about stability and freedom, the novel Breakfast at Tiffany's demonstrates that the pathologies of both characters stem from the feeling of social prohibiting that is ordinary for people who do not confirm the American convention and try to live different lifestyle. Definitely, both characters suppose they do not belong to the large world and both of them were born to live in a completely another world. Holly is deeply convinced that she is the person that has nothing in common with the world she lives in. The readers imagine holly as a traveler who is constantly searching for a new way of life and place where she can feel at home and in her place. She is kind of women who suppose that love is not sexual and person can simply live without it as love is devotion to one person and connection to him. Holly is convinced that stability makes people boring. Her main idea of living is freedom and fantasies. Such attitude to life leads her to a constant tricky situation. Due to them the character is very interesting o the readers.

The next story that worth discussion is Story of my Life by Jay McInerney. In his excitedly paced new book Jay McInerney tries to revisit the night-time New York with its Bright Lights, Big City. Alison Poole, twenty years old, is dreaming to become promising actress who is already incurably well versed in skipping the clubs, shopping Chanel and falling in love and out of, yearn, and abusing the credit cards of other people (McInerney 5). The author describes his main character racing toward emotional collapse and gives us an amusing yet strangely touching portrayal of a postmodern Holly Golightly who comes in time with the careless world full of permissions where nothing really matters. This is the story of a young 20 years old girl Alison Poole. The life of the girl is rich in different events that are connected with her personal relationships. The girl has a lot of boyfriends and she is involved into several sexual relationships. The dream of the girl is to become a famous actress. This dream is her inspiration and aim of all life. During the whole story the readers get to know Alison’s childhood.  It was not  full of different bright and interesting events that influenced greatly Alison’s attitude to life and people.

This novel is focused on a Manhattan culture of early 1980. Gorgeous, blunted, world-weary and 20, Alison describes the group-indulgence and parental apathy that work against her, as her troubles are depicted with hilarity and finesse. The life of Allison Poole life is marked by the deception of others and unfaithfulness at a young age. From the first pages of the novel the readers get to know that her father and sister betrays her frequently, her boyfriend betrays her, and finally her friends do it as well. Obviously, this is very painful for the young girl that is why after living these experiences, Alison makes up her mind to live the genuine life, where she is able to everything she wants without any prohibitions and asking any permission.

Alison’s life is full of delight and interest. She is so young and all her life seems to be so exciting and interesting. As we know from the book Alison is dreaming to become an actress and the desire to gain popularity and fame leads is the basis to all her actions.  Surely, she is lack of life experience that and this is the result of her numerous mistakes, while searching for easy life that is lack of problems. Although Alison makes a lot of mistakes she has very good personal features. She claims to believe in honesty, but her actions are not always consistent with her beliefs. Such way of life is very convenient for the girl, as there is no need to think about problems and solve them. Alison supposes that she will stay young forever and acts like she will never change, but this is a mistaken belief. Alison does not understand that life is not only parties and boyfriends, it is something more. Judging her behavior we can say about her personality. This girl is the embodiment of freedom and typical citizen of big American city who is in habit of living carefree life. At first, such way of life seems to be very convenient, as drugs and hooking up make the girl happy. With the help of such way of life Alison tries to block the pain from the betrayals that she undergoes.  But in fact it appears useless as the betrayals keep on happening again and again. Alison is surrounded by people who enter her life to join the party but they disappear as soon as party is over. The girl seems to like this way of life, but is one the mask that Alison should wear in order to hide her real inner state and soul. Everybody should see her happy and carefree as it is impossible to be weak in a big city full of strong men.  It seems that this can only reinforce her point of view that only temporary happiness is possible in her life. Such way of life helps Alison to forget about her problems. Her involvement in several sexual relationships makes the readers think about the reasons of it. Is she really so dishonest and carefree in her relations or, probably, it is one of the methods to take revenge for all the betrayals she had to suffer herself. It is her own way to hide from reality and demonstrate her independence.

This book can be compared with the book Breakfast at Tiffany's as they had a lot on common. First of all both books depicts the stories of two young girls depicting their ways of life and relationships with men. Alison and Holly, the main character of the novel Breakfast at Tiffany's are two characters that can be compared and contrasted as they have a lot of common as well as different features. First of all both girls live by their cherished dreams that they believe would make them happier. Holly dreams of having breakfast at Tiffany’s  while Alison is dreaming to become an actress. She wants to be very famous in order o demonstrate her family that she is very strong. One more common feature of both girls is their fear of constant relationships and stability that can lead to the loss of freedom. This fear effected their life greatly, as both girls could not start serious and stable relationships. In case with Holly, she was afraid to loose freedom, while Alison avoided seriousness in her relations because of the fear to be betrayed once again.

For Holly, the jewelry shop "Tiffany's" was associated with home and connected with sense of belonging. It was the very thing that Holly feared, to get accustomed to some place and lose her freedom by this. This feature is presented in the character of Alison as well, she also was afraid of habit as it may lead to pain after betrayal. The issue of sexuality and relations are also common characters as both of them had sexual relations with different men, as they were afraid to get accustomed to one man and lose freedom as a result. Speaking about animals, they are also important motifs in both novels. For Holly, animals often stand for the type of wild freedom that she considered as a part of her own lifestyle. For holy, her cat was the embodiment of freedom and sense of home that she did not manage to find, while Alison’s story is connected with her horse that was poisoned by her father.

So, the lives of both characters have common as well as different features that can be seen in their way of life and events of their lives. The authors depicted girls with different destinies but common points of view that had influenced their behavior and attitude to life.

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